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Global Day of True Liberation

Liberation Day is the global day of protest against the injustices of drug prohibition on every first weekend of May.

Hundreds of locations worldwide demonstrate in solidarity for cannabis liberation and an end to policies that have exacerbated the problems of hard drug addiction on a global scale. There is sure to be an event near you with over 125 US locations.
Global Liberation Day List

Once exclusively a New York City event that started in 1972, this event went international in 1999. The second oldest continuous annual protest in the US after the July 4 DC SMOKE-IN. Now a coalition of law reform groups come together to promote progress and justice together.

The Cures Not Wars national site also provides a complete and credible listing of march/rally locations on the First Weekend of May
Cures Not Wars

Cures Not Wars advocates a way to end the phenomena that is popularly known as "the drug problem" with a twofold approach.
Clearly, the harm associated with drug abuse is agreed to be the damage that is caused to individuals who are addicted and the harm they cause society by their addictive behavior. It is clear that drug treatment is key to the solution. The problem is that drug treatment, as it exists today, is slow and ineffective at best and a cruel hoax at its worst. For most addicts willing to quit treatment is unavailable due to cost and overcrowding.
This is why we promote Ibogaine for drug treatment.

Beyond the disease of addiction is the cruel persecution of drug users by drug prohibition laws. These laws are largely enforced against harmless and non-addicted users of cannabis instead of high level distributors of the drugs of addiction. It is wrong and deceptive to group cannabis with addictive drugs, not only because cannabis is not addictive but that using cannabis is anti-addictive. If we followed the Dutch example of separating cannabis from hard drugs by putting it in its own regulated market system we would reap the same benefit of less hard drug addiction. Since most people who want to smoke pot for recreation are already doing so this change would not create a significant rise in the number of users. As the veil of government secrecy is lifted and medical science becomes the source of drug information we may see a reduction in the use of the legal drugs of addiction, alcohol, tobacco and mood elevators.
Pot is the anti-drug, to know what I mean takes an understanding of addiction and the relationship between cannabis and Melatonin.

Prohibition creates an environment of fear that scares addicts away from treatment options and blackmails progressive politicians from attempting to dismantle this bureaucratic idol.

The Ibogaine Story online book - Account of the 30-year struggle to develop this psychedelic medication for addictive disorders.

12/25/02 JAMA Article - Scientific article in the Journal of the American Medical Association about Ibogaine in .PDF format



We are looking for a GOOD JUNKIE!
What's a good junkie??
Someone who is...
1. Addicted to heroin, cocaine, methadone or pharmaceuticals.
2. Has tried to quit with the current drug treatment establishment and failed.
3. Will try ibogaine treatment to break physical and mental addiction.
4. Has a reliable loved one or family member who can vouch for his/her condition.
5. Able to travel for a week to go through treatment.
6. Can provide current EKG and Blood Test results.
If you qualify and send in your location and contact, there is a possibility of going outside the US to obtain the antidote to addiction.
Contact Us About Getting Into Treatment