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Peace Be Upon You !

Useful Links:
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Here are some good links:

Cures Not Wars National Site - Again, here's our national site.

Hash Bash - Ann Arbor Hash Bash site. Every first Saturday in May annually since 1972.

DC SMOKE-IN  - Since 1970, this annual cannabis event's site.
EVERY 4th of July

Seattle Hempfest  - Two day annual cannabis event's site.
Seattle Hempfest
THIS YEAR on August 18-19

Boston Freedom Rally  - Boston's annual cannabis event's site. Mass. Cannabis Action Network
Boston Freedfest
THIS YEAR on September 15

IMMLY - This Wisconsin based organization asks the question "Is My Medicine Legal Yet?" and then goes on to do something about it. Cannabis is a public health solution not a public health problem.

Natives Unite - A site for native AmeriKKKans with the story of Alex White Plume, Lakota hemp hero. Learn about hemp, tribal sovereignty and other native concerns.

Dance Safe - A site about harm reduction for youth culture. One of the greatest dangers to our youth is not from drugs but from counterfeit drugs. Imagine the harm caused by kids taking unlabeled ecstasy that is really a mix of heroin and speed. Thanks prohibitionists, for the unregulated illegal drug market.

CIA & Drugs - Learn about how the CIA was caught trafficking in illegal drugs. Was the US drug problem deliberately exacerbated by our secret government to create an excuse for the excesses of prohibition laws? God Forgive America!

US Election Atlas - Want to know where you can move to to get away from those stupid Republicans? This site maps out the election results on a national, state and local level. Also check out the atrocious statistics for low voter turnout. C'mon people!
Democracy is a use it or lose it affair.

Chris Conrad  - The encyclopedic resource for well-researched cannabis facts. Chris Conrad is a cannabis expert witness for the court system.

Hemp Car Transamerica  - Don't let these guys think they've been forgotten since 9/11! Remind them how cool they were to demonstrate hemp biodiesel for us. The Hemp Car can be booked for your hemp/eco event. Contact the crew to figure the cost of a hemp tour to your location and back on hempseed oil.

AOL.CON - AOL.com internet access use is like a Litmus Test for intelligence, which is a good source of insight into the sender of an incoming email. Get a real ISP locally.

Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!

Kentucky Hemp Outfitters - The best US made 100% and 55% Hemp Jeans, and a hemp store with more stuff.

Three High Guys  - The best US Wholsale online catalogs all in one site.100% hemp and 55%  hemp blend clothing, body care, foods, paper and more! All the top brand names for hemp hip stores and vendors.

Hemp Oil Canada  - The best foreign source for raw hemp oil and refined hemp products and raw materials.

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