Liberation Day
1st Annual

Champaign - Urbana

May 02 2009


Celebrate the
First Saturday Of May
Sat 2, Rally in Champaign
with NORML and Students for Sensible Drug Policy.
At Noon Start at Green St. and Right St. for a sidewalk march to Urbana for a music festival.

Sat 9, Rally in Urbana
with NORML and Students for Sensible Drug Policy.
March starts at 10:00AM at Green St. and Lincoln St. Sidewalk march goes through the Farmer's Market and ends at the Arboretum at Florida St. and Lincoln St. for the rally with a speech from the President of Champaign-Urbana SSDP.

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Bring signs or come early to make your own.
Drums, chants, costumes, and benevolent drama highly encouraged.

This is not a "Smoke IN"
Leave your pot at home or smoke it on the way there. It will not be any safer to smoke in this park than it is on any other day. Come to learn how to change the law and make us all safe!
No Previous Marches
The next event is Dana-AID on May 15-19