Did you know that Dana Beal is our country's foremost drug treatment advocate and proponent of IBOGAINE, which is the only known addiction antidote? Drug maintainance therapy is a thing of the past. If you think of addiction as the result of drug poisoning you can see ibogaine as an antidote that stops the poison and reverses the damage.

Did you know that it was his political struggle that carried this revolutionary new solution for drug addiction from obscurity into NIDA (Natl. Institute on Drug Abuse) where animal testing proved it's addiction fighting power and on into FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for human testing? Ibogaine has been studied by FDA since 1993 and would have completed the approval process years ago had Republican appointed drug war zealots not forbid the continuation of Federal funding. Without the proper funds this FDA approval trial has only reached Phase II of three just now.

Did you know that this man created an underground network that aided tens of thousands of American addicts to get this addiction antidote treatment in clinics around the world that have no problems with Ibogaine? Excepting these people, all the continuing misery caused by use of addictive drugs, the associated crime and waste of law enforcement recourses since 1994 didn't have to happen had our drug war officials been doing their job in our best interest.

Did you know that he was on his way to fly down to Mexico with money to start a new Ibogaine clinic and support another one already in operation there when he was ensnared by the war on drugs and they seized these funds as "drug money?"

Cash is not a crime but stealing cash is. The civil war on drugs is a corruping influence on law enforcement from the Federal level down to the city police. Can a cop's wishful thinking be grounds for the theft of all your money? They think so in Matoon, IL.

Can you say friendly fire? Cops systematically waging thier predatory drug war are preventing Dana from promoting the real solution.


This is the latest absurdity and atrocity

brought to you by the US war on drugs.

The second week of May in Charleston, IL at the

Coles County Court leading up to the trial date of
Monday, May 18.

Come out and protest to free Dana and get the

stolen money returned for the new Ibogaine clinic.

Every Day this money remains stolen is

One Less Day That Can Dawn

For A Newly Cured Addict.



We Need:


Volunteers to Flyer homes in Chicago


Protesters to come to Charleston, IL
the week of the trial of May 18, 2009 to vigil and sidewalk march during the noon and 5:00 traffic hours around the courthouse located at 651 Jackson Avenue


Invitations for Cures Not Wars to present
Ibogaine information to community groups


Patients to cure of their addictions (Read This)
from both Chicago's South side and Coles County, IL


To Help Us Out Contact

Jay 773-957-6101




Saturday, May 9 - Liberation Day,

the Global March for Cannabis Liberation

Urbana, IL

Saturday May 16
Dana-AID Free Multimedia Show at the
Independent Media Center in Urbana 202 S. Broadway
8pm to 10pm
A callout to freedom activists of the IMC community
to join the courthouse protests.

Dana-AID 2009

Friday to Monday May 16 - 18

Pre Trial Vigil at Coles Cty. Courthouse
Nearby camping at Fox Ridge State Park and...
Dana-AID Camp-O-Rally event!
-Just North of Hebron Campground on 7
Pot luck dinner after Sunday's noon vigil in Kiwanis Park 4 blocks West of the Courthouse.

Sun and Sat Courthouse vigil times are
11:30AM - 2:00PM and 4:00PM - 6:00PM

Monday May 18 - Trial Day Picket

10:00AM - 3:00PM

Picket at the Coles County Courthouse

Cool activist video posting here.

For training cops to lie and steal!