CNW Global Liberation DayLiberation Day
14th Annual


May 03, 2014

Welcome Home JAY!
Noon to 7:00pm
Grand Circus Park

Rain Date is
Saturday, May 31, 2004

Cures Not Wars
All day rally in Downtown Detroit
Noon- 7:00pm
East Side of Grand Circus Park @ Woodward and Adams
Shattered Lives display, Nebraska hemp exhibit.
Bring your signs, drums and noise makers.
But get your own permits and insurance, etc. as required.

Noon-2:00 Speeches, Live Band
Followed by TBA Speakers Until 4:00
Assembly at 4:00 in Grand Circus Park
 March at 4:20 Along Woodward
(see map)
5:00-7:00 Speech and Live Music

Detroit site and march map
Adam Brook will be the MC
Scheduled Speakers Include:
guest ghost "Jay Day" Statzer
-Cures not Wars

Cannabis Liberation Activists from Detroit and the Greater Detroit Area
Also open for local speakers from ANSWER, Political Parties, ACLU, SSDP, CAN, NORML, Anti-Police Brutality Orgs, Harm reduction Orgs
ONDCP, DARE, AA, NA, or ANybody

Detroit callers
Bob 734-697-3947
Interviews? call:
Jay 402-435-4577
Jay's email 
Jay Statzer


Please bring your camera, cell phone, audio/video recorders, banners, signs and sign making materials, noise makers, costumes, food and water, money to donate, etc. Just don't bring any illegal stuff, negative attitude, illegal vending, ego trips, greedy motives, apathy.
Volunteers come early! 10:00AM is best.


     Detroit 4:20pm march quorum in 2002

2002 4:20pm 2002

Previous Detroit Rallies