Battle Creek 2006 -NO EVENT

Battle Creek 2005 -NO EVENT

Battle Creek 2004 -NO EVENT

Battle Creek 2003

  Organized by Jay Statzer, Cures Not Wars
With help from Battle Creek and Kalamazoo activists.
This was an experiment with a drummer oriented rally in Friendship Park. Unfortunately the Kalamazoo drummers never found Friendship Park. The BC organizer and two Peace Officers waited from noon to 3:00pm for arrivals and then closed the event early.

Battle Creek 2002

  Organized by Ben Ruggles, Kalamzoo Action Network, and Jay Statzer, Cures Not Wars
Noon to 6:30pm in Friendship Park with music over a PA system. This event mostly drew Kalamazoo people with only one Battle Creek activist. Average attendance of 16 with peak of 45 at 4:20pm march time. March was around downtown and back to park. Total participation over 50 in 7 hours adding regular park traffic. Many signatures gathered for Treatment vs Incarceration petition. No police present. Ch 3 TV ran the story.

Battle Creek 2001

  Organized by Jay Statzer and Harry Goddard, Cures Not Wars
New location for Liberation Day did fairly well. The avaerage participation was around 30 with a total participation of over 70 people. Peak participation was  67 when the 4:20 march departed from Freindship Park along sidewalk in groups to the Calhoun County Correctional Facility. Jay and Harry gave speeches and there was a hemp products display. Three bands played. No police present. Kalamazoo TV CH 3 came and ran a very positive story. City newspaper also covered the event. PRA petitioning gathered over 80 signatures.

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